Working with Laboratories

Central Outside Labs

If your study will use an central outside lab, there will be specific instructions for obtaining, processing, storing and shipping samples described in your study protocol. You should consider what your facilities are for processing and storing samples before the trial begins. Contact the CTO if you need help in this area.

GUH laboratories (including Pathology)

If your study will make use of the GUH laboratories (including Pathology), you should fill out a Request For Laboratory Testing Form if your protocol requires unique or special interpretation or reporting of lab results. Fax the completed form to 202-444-1507.  

For any questions on this process, contact Debbie Ellerby (Clinical Informatics Director) at: 202-687-8002 (office), 202-444-2593 (voicemail), or 202-405-3456 (pager)

GUH laboratory CLIA documents:

GUH laboratory CAP documents

Local Outside Laboratories

If you plan on using a local outside laboratory, be sure to contact the laboratory early in the approval process in order to obtain prices for your labs.