Billing & Invoicing

Research Billing & Internal Invoicing

How does my grant get billed for trial-related services which are not standard of care and not billable to third-party payers?

Anytime your study participant has been properly registered, has had their encounter forms/fee slips properly completed, and have received clinical services (tests/procedures/services), the CROO will receive all resulting UB92’s (hospital bills) and 1500s (professional fees bill).

What Will Happen

  • The CROO will determine if the bill is grant-related by checking our database to determine if the patient was enrolled into a study.
  • We will then evaluate the charges to determine if the services were:
    • Related to the study protocol
    • Budgeted to be billed to the grant

The CROO will

  • Contact the study coordinator or investigator if needed to provide further instruction.
  • Adjust the charges to apply the appropriate research discount rate if the charges are to go to your grant.
  • Instruct the billing department to bill the third party payer if analysis indicates this is appropriate.
  • Create an internal EOB instructing the Hospital Billing Department to split the charges between the grant and third party payer if analysis indicates this is appropriate.

An invoice will be created by the CROO which will result in your GR being debited for those services and payment made to MedStar.