The Office of Sponsored Research is responsible for the review and approval of your Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) or study contract. The CTA describes:

  • Indemnification of the University by the study sponsor
  • Publication rights of the investigator
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Coverage of study subject injury costs
  • Right to terminate the agreement
  • Publicity
  • Payment schedule
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Reporting requirements
  • Rights to information

Please make certain that any draft of a CTA (for commercially funded trials) given to you by the sponsor is promptly submitted to the PACTS system for review by OSR and that you have provided the sponsor with contact information for OSR.

Important Notes:

  • Only the Director of the OSR has the authority to sign the CTA (including any budget agreements) for a clinical trial being conducted at Georgetown.
  • You may not begin study screening and enrollment activities until you have Both IRB approval and a fully executed study contract

OSR contact information

For full information regarding OSR and about clinical trial agreements, please go to their website.

Front Desk
Phone: (202) 687-1701
Fax: (202) 687-3825

Sr. AVP for Sponsored Research
Doreen Robinson (202) 687-1390, dar82@georgetown.edu

Deputy Director 
Trudy Bright: phone (202) 687-1227, brightt@georgetown.edu