Georgetown University currently has five IRB’s. Two of the IRB’s review non-oncology biomedical clinical trials, one reviews social/behavioral trials, one is a joint IRB (with MedStar Research Institute) to review oncology trials, and one is the GHUCCTS (Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science) IRB.

Review of your protocol by the Institutional Review Board requires that you:

  • Complete the on-line IRB application using eRIC.
  • Generate an Informed Consent Form, consistent with the guidelines of both the study sponsor and the Georgetown IRB.
    • If you intend to enroll ONLY at GUH, use the GU consent form as a template.
    • If you also intend to enroll at other MedStar facilities, use the MedStar-GU joint consent form.
    • Templates can be found on the IRB web site

See the IRB website for information about their submission and meeting schedules.

IRB Contact Information

Kristen R Katopol, MS, Director Human Subjects Protection Program
CIM: 202-687-0328
IRB Office Fax: 202-687-4847