Nimblify Participant Payment System

Nimblify Overview

Nimblify is an automated, participant-centered, payment system that has replaced GUMC’s research gift card policy and research participant check request process. Nimblify puts payment in your control and gives you the opportunity to pay participants at-will based on the constraints of your study. The system allows us to release funds for both payment (stipends) and reimbursements (travel, etc). Each participant is issued a card which is good for “life” at GU (the card can be re-used as the subject enters various studies at GU). This allows us the ability to track research participation payments and to follow compliance standards. Participants can also set up direct deposit instead of having a card.

Access to the Nimblify site

Studies requesting payment through Nimblify should complete the Nimblify Payment Request Form and email it to the CROO office. Please submit the request form:

  • For new study requests
  • For study amendments (stipend changes, worktag changes, no reimbursement allowance to reimbursement allowance)
FORTE logo

You will now see the Forte logo associated with Nimblify.  Nimblify product lines have moved under the umbrella of the parent company, Forte.  This does not affect basic operations.

Nimblify Participant Payment Workflow