Study Participant Payment Procedure

Clinical trials at Georgetown frequently issue participant incentive payments and reimbursements.  

If you would like to request gift cards for your participants, please be sure to follow the GUMC Finance Gift Card Policy located on the GUMC Finance webpage.

If you would like to request that CTO issue an outside-of-GMS check, which will protect the confidentiality of your participants, please follow the steps below.

In order for a coordinator to obtain a check,the following process must be followed:

  • The coordinator must be sure the payment is being made in strict accordance with the IRB approved informed consent.

  • The coordinator must make sure the participant has filled out and signed a W-9 form, then the coordinator submits it to the CTO with each initial request and at the beginning of each year thereafter for the duration of the study subject's participation.

  • The coordinator must fill out a CTO research participant payment request form and deliver it to the CTO for each payment requested. Please note:

    • The study participant must provide proof of citizenship or residency status to the study coordinator.

    • The payment request form requires the signature of the participant, coordinator, and principal investigator.

  • Please provide an unsigned copy of the informed consent for your trial as documentation of the payment schedule and the total amount to be paid to study participants.

  • Please allow 3 business days for check to be produced by CTO

  • Payment to Non US citizens will take approximately 10 business days to process due to additional review and approvals needed by the university tax office.

  • Payment to any participant who is also a Georgetown University employee will take approximately one full pay period to process and that payment will show up on their regular paycheck.

  • The study coordinator or PI must pick up checks and deliver to study participants. CTO does not mail checks to participants.

Participant Payment Requests:  US Citizens
To request a participant check for a US citizen, please complete the CTO research participant payment request form.   Please upload this form to the appropriate box folder.  CTO will then review the form for completeness and accuracy, write the check, and contact the coordinator for pickup.

If you need access to the Box folder Enrollment Logs and Participant Payment, please contact Bronwyn Murray ( and include the general CROO email address (

Participant Payment Requests:  Non-US Citizens
To request a participant check for non-US citizens, we must route the request through Tax and AP to ensure that the University is accurately tracking payment data.  
The coordinator will first obtain a GMS Supplier ID for the participant by following these steps:

Once the participant has a GMS Supplier ID, the coordinator will do the following for each payment request:

Useful Links
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