Clinical Research Training



OnCore Training sessions will be held monthly at Georgetown for new users and anyone who would like a refresher.  All are welcome. 
Please contact us to register for a training session.  Contact either Allie Moses ( or the CROO (  We will verify that you are set up in OnCore before the session.
 Allie also holds OnCore training at MHRI approximately once a month on Monday afternoons. If the days and times listed below do not work for you, please ask her about attending at MHRI.

June-July 2018 sessions will be held at 2121 Wisconsin Ave, the C2 Training Room.

  Protocol Build Training Subject Administration Training

Wednesday, 6/13: 9-12

Thursday, 6/14: 9-12


Wednesday, 7/11: 9-12

Thursday, 7/12: 9-12

ONCORE CTMS Training environment

Training site to become familiar with OnCore CTMS.  For training purposes only; not for entering actual study information

Professional Organizations and Certifications:

Need IATA/DOT Shipping Dangerous Goods Training?

Contact: Susan Martin, Director Environmental Health and Safety