Research Registration Instructions

Updated September 2015

For Each New Study Participant

  • Every participant in IRB approved clinical trials must be enrolled in the CTO database using the Enrollment Logs in Box.
  • Please email the CTO if you have questions about the Enrollment Logs (
  • A pink card Research ID Card will be created for all study participants except those enrolled in healthy volunteer studies. Healthy volunteer participants will receive a lime green card.
  • Distribute the Research ID card to your study participant.
  • Instruct your study participant on use of the Research ID Card. The study participant needs to be instructed to present the card at each study-related visit. 
  • For each trial-related test or service, you must obtain a physician signed Order and that order must indicate the RX number. 
  • The study coordinator should schedule the test/service on behalf of the study participant and the RX number must be provided to the scheduler as the Alternate Insurance. 
  • At the time the study participant presents for the test/service:
    • Present the order
    • Present the research ID card
    • Re-iterate that RX is to pay for the service

Please note

Registration personnel may not complete the patient registration if the participant does not have a Clinical Trials ID card.

If you have not submitted the forms requested above, your participant will not have a research account in the hospital billing system.  They may be denied service (including dispensation of study drug from the research pharmacy) or their bills may be incorrectly sent to insurance.